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Thursday 15 June 201

This coming Sunday we start a four-part series looking at the (very small – it’s only two pages long) Old Testament book of the prophet Haggai. We may wonder what relevance this part of the Bible might have for us today. I think we will all be surprised. Come along and find out!

Last Sunday at SIX30 Ruth concluded our Philippians series ‘A Life Worth Living’ – looking at Chapter 4:1-13, ‘New lifestyle’.

Ruth brought us three aspects to consider.

1. Dealing with conflict. There is obviously some disagreement going on in the Philippae church – Paul names the individuals involved, but doesn’t explain the problem, nor takes sides. He talks to them individually as their pastor and then says they have to sort it out. And that’s the same for us – we will always have disagreements, but we have to continue living and working together and work through the issues. People can get hurt but again we must bear the responsible for sorting it out.

2. Rejoicing in all circumstances: contentment not anxiety. There are always things we can rejoice about, even when things are not great. Clearly we will worry about things but we can’t get rid of anxiety by will power. So take our anxiety to God and let Him fill the space with peace. Let our requests be known and the God of Peace will be with us.

3. A new focus: and a new role model. Our culture encourages us to demand more and more ‘stuff’, much of which we could probably do without. Paul was content with what he had. His list of qualities is something we should aspire to (v8) – Jesus was his role model and He should be ours. Is our new lifestyle in Christ visible to the outside world?

If you weren’t around last Sunday pick up one of the new Welcome to Holy Trinity – What’s On leaflets. Similarly if you missed the Pastoral Update leaflets a few weeks ago they are also available.

(Apologies: correction from last week’s email about the IGNITE service. We referred to the ‘Baptist’s own drama group’. In fact it was a ‘Churches Together group’ made up from members of different churches. Among other things they go into Kingshill School using ‘Open the Book’ material.)

Caroline, Paul and Adam Mason are off to Tanzania to visit our link missionaries Jenny and Eli on 23 June, for two weeks. Contact Caroline for any information on the various items they can take. We will be praying for them on Sunday.

John and Judy Watson are our contacts for BISC (Bristol International Students Centre). They are already beginning to prepare for the influx of new students from all over the world in the autumn and are looking for volunteers to help. The Welcome Events run from 4-25 September, with the BISC International Reception on 7 October. If you think you may be able to help have a word with John or Judy, or check out the website at
Looking ahead:

1 July – Men’s Big Breakfast

2 July – Adam Tams’ ordination at Coventry Cathedral

8 July – Ladies’ Breakfast

15 July – Skate Fest and Community Showcase

23 July – Confirmation Service

26 August – Trendlewood Community Festival

6 September – Prayer Day

9-10 September – Jesus Surf Classic at Croyde

29 Sep – 1 Oct – Weekend at Home

15 October – Harvest Festival and Garden Opening

From the SIX30 Team