This is the SIX30 News!

Thursday 13 July 2017

Caroline, Paul and Adam Mason are safely back from Tanzania and we look forward to hearing about their exploits and catching up with news about Jenny and Eli.

This coming Sunday at SIX30 we welcome back our former curate Michelle Parkman. She will be sharing what life has been like for her and Tim since leaving HT at the beginning of 2013. We will also take the opportunity of giving space for testimonies from ‘the floor’, so now’s the time to start thinking about how we might be able to contribute to the service.

The following Sunday (23rd) we celebrate the confirmation of Sharon Matthews and Jack Hambleton from HT plus others from Christ Church. Let’s see if we can have a good turn out to support them – it will be a special occasion. It will include communion so there will be no third Sunday communion this Sunday.

Last Sunday at SIX30 we concluded our series looking at the Old Testament book of the prophet Haggai. Ruth spoke on Chapter 2:10-23: The Blessing of the Lord.

In the earlier parts of his prophecy Haggai rebukes the people for their apathy and lack of enthusiasm in rebuilding the temple, but then encourages them with promises of God’s blessing. God’s message was not about them getting everything right – they were work in progress, just like us, and it takes time for things to change.

Then in verse 10 of the final chapter we go back to some negative references to the complexities of Jewish laws and the rituals regarding defiled food, and the consequences of not getting it right. After going through a list of everything they suffered, God finally declares, ‘From this day on I will bless you’.

Ruth then followed this with some hard-hitting, challenging words for us. Have we reached a plateau in our church life? What are are our priorities? Is attendance at church becoming a chore, a ritual? Are we weary after nearly 50 years of building projects? Do we just relax and fall back to apathy, like the Israelites? But we have felt led to go down this path, so what now?

The premises we have are there to serve the community so let’s make sure that’s what happens. Let’s put our backs into finishing off the Garden so that by 15 October we will have something to show the community. But why is it that some of our most promising outreach activities, such as Go-Zone and Morning Break, are always struggling for helpers? Why can’t we fill the easy jobs, such as spending a few hours a month as a sidesman, or a couple of hours a week compiling the 10.45 weekly newsletter. Are we just too pre-occupied with doing our own thing?

God is building His church, and nothing can stop that happening. Will we be part of God’s purposes, like Zerubbabel – are we going to be part of God’s big adventure? Let’s make sure we are!

Skate Festival and Community Showcase. On Saturday – come along – join the fun and help if you can (lots of opportunities for that!)

Looking ahead:

21 July – Café Create

23 July – Confirmation Service

26 August – Trendlewood Community Festival

6 September – Prayer Day

9-10 September – Jesus Surf Classic at Croyde

4-25 September – BISC Welcome Events – details from John and Judy Watson

15 October – Harvest Festival and Garden Opening – more details soon

From the SIX30 Team