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Thursday 12 October 2017
This Sunday, 15 October, brings us special Harvest Sunday / Garden Opening celebration – full details in Church News. We are hoping that a good number of visitors will show up so it would be really good if we can all make sure they are given a warm, friendly welcome.

And don’t forget there will be a SIX30 ‘unplugged’ communion service on Sunday evening – a shortened time of informal worship together to end a busy day.

All Saint’s Wraxall was well filled last Sunday for the latest of our Nailsea churches’ IGNITE Service. Rev’d Fran Binding, rector of All Saint’s, led the service with musicians and singers from Wraxall, Holy Trinity and Trendlewood leading the sung worship. James was in good form, speaking on Godly Community. (Ask him if he likes avocado in a bacon sandwich!)

We are all unique creations of the Master and that means we are all different, with different views and opinions. The Kingdom of God, however, is for everyone, regardless of our differences. But sometimes we are threatened by these differences and they become obstacles to the building of God’s Kingdom. We become defensive and try to project our own world view on others, and they do the same to us. The danger is that we bring these attitudes and fears into our churches.

The vision for the Kingdom is to welcome everybody and the scriptures speak extensively about the diversity within God’s people – it is for all: rich or poor, black or white, high or low, etc. But sometimes we say, ‘To be part of us, you need to become like us’. No! We are all called to become more like Jesus.

James referred to the passage in Genesis 18 where Abraham and Sarah offered hospitality to three strangers who were very different to themselves. In offering hospitality they were creating community. Jesus engaged with all sorts of people – He crossed social boundaries, and we are to do the same.

Friendship helps to break down our preconceptions about each other. Don’t let social differences get in the way of friendships. The Kingdom is about intimacy with God and with each other, in order to build a community of close relationships. We are God’s friends, not His servants.

Our challenge is to treat everyone the same, regardless of our differences. We are to make people more like Jesus, not like us.

This year’s Jesus Surf Series ended on Sunday with the running of the 10th Anniversary Longboard contest at Polzeath. Saturday brought challenging conditions but Sunday saw beautiful sunny weather and great waves. Thanks to all from Nailsea who have been involved this year in supporting the events in one way or the other.

Interviews for our new Rector take place on Thursday next week. Let’s all pray for a successful outcome which is in line with God’s will for us.

Looking ahead:

14 October – Marriage MOT Party

15 October – Harvest Festival and Garden Opening

17 October – Riding Lights Gospel Street at Nailsea Methodist Church

17 November – Café Create Comedy Special

From the SIX30 Team