This is the SIX30 News!

Thursday 7 December 2017

This coming Sunday will mark the end of James’ ministry with us as curate at HT. He will be presiding at our monthly communion service at SIX30 (a week earlier than usual because of the Carol Service on 17th). Thereafter he will be continuing at W-s-M and then on paternity leave, before returning to us for an official farewell on 28 January.

Last Sunday was our annual Commitment Sunday when we were able to make our financial commitment to God’s work here in Nailsea and across the world. If you were not around try and ensure your response envelope gets back to the office as soon as possible. Thank you!

As we enter the Advent season Tim brought us a talk entitled ‘A Church For The Poor’, referring to Isaiah 61:1-3a.

Tim started by suggesting that Advent is a good time to reflect upon how much of the Word of God is lodged in our minds and hearts and how much of the Spirit of God is controlling our thoughts and actions?

Are we more influenced by worldly thinking and acting? Is it time to be more like Jesus, combining God’s Word and God’s Spirit in equal measure so as to powerfully preach the good news of salvation and deliverance to a spiritually impoverished society?

How will the people hear about and see what a Saviour we have if we do not tell them by speaking up boldly and then reinforcing His message by the way we live?

Will each of us take some action to reduce the influence of our ungodly world in our lives today?

This coming Sunday Trevor brings us our second Advent sermon, looking at Luke 4:14-20 and Luke 6:17-31.

At the Hour of Prayer yesterday (Wednesday) we took time to pray into the many activities and services which will be going on here over the next three weeks. Please pray that there will be many opportunities to share our faith with the hundreds of people who will be coming through our doors.

Our Christmas Party on Saturday 16 December from 3-5pm is rapidly approaching. This is for members of all congregations – it’ll be lots of fun, so don’t miss it! Let Sharon know if you plan to come.

Throughout January there is going to be a five-week bible reading course entitled The Way of the Spirit – The Drama of Salvation – What is the Bible all about? It will be held on Mondays, 3pm at Christ Church, Nailsea, and Tuesdays, 7pm at Tickenham. More details to follow.

Looking ahead:

16 December – Christmas Party – for members of all congregations

17 December – Carol Service at 6.30pm

From the SIX30 Team