Soul Survivor Logo Colour

Soul Survivor is back again for it’s 24th year, but somethings a bit different.

After 24 years in the marshlands of Shepton Mallet it is finally time for Soul Survivor to move house. This year it will be taking place at the Peterborough Arena! A whole new and exciting venue means a new and exciting festival. It will be the same worship, with new songs, the same large Greek man, with a new colorful top, and the same fun and exciting week, with a whole new area to explore.

Holy Trinity will be going to Week C on the 25th – 29th August 2017.

As the details are finalised more updates will come so watch this space. Booking information has now arrived so contact Jon form a consent form and letter.

To get yourself excited have a watch of the promo video below.

If you’re curious about the new showground have a look at what Soul Survivor have in stall for it here.

For more info email Jon Coysh