The advert has gone out in Church press for a new Rector, and interviews will be held on 18/19 October 2017. You can see the advert here and download a copy of the Parish Profile here.

Parish Profile 2017 Holy Trinity


After 7 years, Jolyon Trickey has moved on from Holy Trinity, which means we are currently in what is known as a Vacancy. This is a period between one Rector (or leader of the church) leaving, and another one being appointed.

Why do you have a Vacancy?  This is how the Church of England (Holy Trinity is a C of E Church) operates. Having a gap between Rectors allows the church membership time to consider what they feel God wants the church to be doing and how a new Rector might be able to help them achieve this, and in turn, what qualities that person will have.

But who looks after the church? We are well led by our two Church Wardens, Pauline Daniels and Kath Markland. In turn, they are supported by our Curate, Rev James Pennington, our Assistant Minister, Rev Trevor Dean, as well as our team of Readers (people licensed to lead and preach services), the PCC (trustees) and other volunteers. Not forgetting our office team who keep the administration side of things ticking over.


In the meantime, the day to day church events and services will continue. Our mission continues to be to Share Christ, Serve the community and Resource the wider church.

You can find out more about our services and activities by following the link on the menu on the front page of this website, or contact the Church Office on 01275 853227.