Trinity Festival – Talks

Our Trinity Festival 2023 was truly wonderful in very many ways. It was so uplifting to unite in worship, to deepening friendships, and to hear God speak to us through The Very Rev’d Bob Key speaking on the subject titled “Windows on Revelation”. It really felt as though God had some things to say to us as a church, and I know many people benefited from what was shared. If I were to pick out something from our three sessions, it would be: that we learnt something of a book in the bible that many feel apprehensive to explore; the talks gave an enlightening view of Revelation which many now believe we should delve further. We must pray that God would show us how to take this forward. And I would like to say a huge thank you to absolutely everyone who helped out to make the weekend such a success – thank you! – James Packman – Rector/Senior Pastor

If you would like to watch the talks, they are on our Youtube channel here