Explore Together does Christingle!

Last Sunday, 1st Feb 2015, we finally launched Explore Together across the whole site…

Explore Together is what we call doing church all together, and we do it every first Sunday of the month. There are no kids groups, no long sermon and no one is left out. We love it!

This time we started the service together with a dramatic reading telling the story of Simeon declaring he had seen all he needed to with the coming Christ in his arms. After singing it was time to break out into the rest of the site.

In the Main Lounge we had all ages making Christingles galore of all shapes and decorative styles. In the Coffee Lounge James, our Curate, showed us some films depicting the work of the Children’s Society, an organisation bringing light to children in some of the darkest situations.

It prompted much conversation that could have continued a lot longer! Finally, in the church, Jolyon led a homily on the passage in the gospels. A quiet, reflective time in contrast to the nature of the other spaces on offer.


Next time we start off as we mean to go on: by looking at parables, for the whole year!

In March: The Parable of the hidden treasure in Matthew 13. 

For more information on Explore Together please click here.