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Thursday 14 September 2017

The 25th Jesus Surf Classic contest took place Croyde over the weekend. Although the weather was challenging and three of the eight events were rescheduled for completion on 30 September overall the event was a great success, yet again! Thanks are due to those who made it down there to help and for those who covered the event in prayer.

Meanwhile back at HT last Sunday at SIX30 we continued our new series entitled Understanding the Kingdom. Ruth preached on ‘The Kingdom is within you’, (Luke 6:43-45).

Jesus was once asked, ‘When will the Kingdom come?’ His reply suggested that this was the wrong question, because, as He said, ‘….the Kingdom is within you.’

A kingdom is a place where the king (or queen) is ruler. So the Kingdom of Heaven is where God is in charge. The kingdom is within us but it is not as our own individual kingdom. It is meant as a kingdom we can belong to – to be part of – not something that belongs to us. This may be a hard concept to grasp, because we live in a very individualistic society, but God has given us the free will to choose to belong to the kingdom or not.

So what is the point of belonging to the kingdom? God created us in His image – we are designed to be part of His kingdom and if we don’t belong we don’t ‘work’ properly. We are designed to produce the fruit of the Spirit within us, but sadly we don’t live up to the mark. Why not? Because the sin of self-centredness came into the world (‘I’ll do it my way’) and we take charge of our lives rather than following God’s way.

For it to really work as God intended we need a change deep down in our personality. Once we have accepted the sacrifice Jesus made for us we can experience that change and see the fruit develop in our lives and our little bit of society will be transformed. There is a battle going on and we need to commit every day to Him.

Your Kingdom come – Lord, start with me’.

This coming Sunday James preaches on ‘Investing for heaven’, subtitled ‘Living for the next life’ (Matthew 6:19-21).

See details in Church News about the special Café Create this Friday as we welcome guest singer Atlum Schema. Tickets are available from the office.

If you still haven’t got to grips with ChurchSuite or don’t yet have it loaded on your computer / tablet / smart phone then the surgeries after each service on Sunday (17 September) should help you. See details in Church News.

Looking ahead:

15 September – Cafe Create

17 September – ChurchSuite Surgery

4-25 September – BISC Welcome Events – details from John and Judy Watson

30 September – Jesus Surf Classic part 2

8 October – IGNITE Christians Together Service at Wraxall

15 October – Harvest Festival and Garden Opening – more details soon

From the SIX30 Team