This is the SIX30 News!

Thursday 13 September 2018,

The sun shone (for much of the time), the rain rained (just a little), and the wind blew sufficiently to create some (rather messy) waves. That was the 26th Jesus Surf Classic held at Croyde last weekend. All in all it went very well – Phil was ‘well-stoked’ as they say in surfing circles. Please pray for Phil and the team as they head off this weekend for the International Christian Surfers Gathering in Hossegor France (23 – 28 September).

Hopefully you will remember the letter James sent out to everyone at the beginning of August. He referred to the autumn review he would be having to cover our current vision (is it helping us head in the right direction?) and the format of our weekly services (to what extent do they serve the people we want them to serve?). He invited comments and views on either or both of these topics. If you have input you would like to give on these discussions, and you have not already passed on your thoughts, please do email James so that your views may be taken into account.

Sharon has sent through the following note, reminding us that it’s only just over three months to Christmas! She says. ‘ Maybe you are not yet feeling Christmassy but LINK TO HOPE are busy preparing to deliver shoeboxes to the people of Eastern Europe. Leaflets are now available so that you can start buying things to fill your shoe box. They will be collected in on Sunday 4th November. Like last year, you can either fill a box for a family or for an elderly person.’ You can get more information from https://linktohope/shoebox-appeal-2018.

Last Sunday at SIX30 we started the second half of our series on Galatians (chapters 5 and 6) with James looking at chapter 5:1-12. Apologies that there is no summary of James’ talk but you will be able to listen to it on the church website.

This coming Sunday we continue the Galatians series (chapter 5:13-26). Then the following Sunday (30 September at 6.30pm) we join with our brothers and sisters from other churches in and around Nailsea at the next IGNITE service, this time at Nailsea Baptist Church.

Looking ahead:

15 September – Ladies’ Breakfast

15 September – CONNECT Skittles Evening

21 September – Café Create

30 September – IGNITE

4 October – CAP Money Course

5 October – CONNECT Auction of Promises

7 October – Harvest Sunday

24 November – Annual Tithe Barn and Holy Trinity Christmas Fair (see note in Church News)

From the SIX30 Team