This is the SIX30 News!

This is the SIX30 News!

Thursday 29 November 2018

We now have a dedicated SIX30 email address so that anyone can make a contribution to the weekly email. It would be great to have contributions from anyone who has a story to tell. The challenge would be to write something in around 100 words. The address is And we have our first contributions already!

Sally Winsor writes: Question – What do you do on a Sunday when home commitments mean you either stay home and look after hubby and his mum – and resent missing church, or go to church and feel guilty for having rushed their care for your benefit?
Answer – Find a church that meets at 6.30pm and is Spirit-filled, Bible based, worshipping, and friendly.
And that’s how I came to be part of the HT family.

Sally and John Walters sent a more detailed description of how they ended up at HT / TW – shortened version next week!

We had a great response to our brief questionnaire carried out during last Sunday’s service – about 60 replies. The questions were:

1. What do you think a newcomer would like about the SIX30 service?

2. Are there things about the SIX30 service that would discourage you from bringing along a non-Christian friend?

We will publish results shortly but in the meantime suffice to say that we had little difficulty with the first question, but the second one was not quite so easy. One of the recurring responses concerned our use of ‘churchy’ jargon which a newcomer wouldn’t understand, and the words of some songs which were either difficult to sing or understand. Watch this space for further analysis.

James spoke on our Vision as a church, referring to discussions held at the recent PCC AwayDay. His text was ‘The Great Commission’ (Matthew 28:16-20).

Jesus has two aims for all Christians:

1. We should make a difference to the lives of others. We are not expected to individually change the world – let’s just start with the people we come into contact with. Little changes can make a difference.

2. We should grow as disciples. We are to obey Jesus and learn to live like Him.

Do we need help with either of the above? More importantly do we tend to think these aims are just for adults?

Sharon joined James and brought a passionate plea for us to take seriously the need to pass on our faith to the next generations.

By the beginning of next year, she said, the children’s and youth leadership team will have dropped from seven to four, and on this basis they just won’t be able to cope with the increasing numbers of children we are seeing. She has a real struggle encouraging in new volunteers. Jesus thinks children are important – so should we. Please consider the possibility of standing alongside Sharon and her team, maybe by dropping out from one of your existing responsibilities?

This coming Sunday at SIX30 Trevor brings us the first of two Advent sermons about John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25).

Liz Tilley has sent through a note thanking those who supported with gifts and donations in helping to fill Hampers for Christmas for CAP (Christians Against Poverty) clients in this area. There will be 11 people or families who will each receive a hamper on behalf of CAP with items donated by you all.

Looking ahead:

9 December – Bring and Share Lunch for Sarah

15 December – Family Christmas Party with Christingle

16 December – Evening Carol Service

20 December – Carol Singing Prayer Walk

From the SIX30 Team