Nailsea District Leg Club

Starting where we left off last month – please keep up the walking, exercise and good diet are important at any time, but even more so in the current situation. Despite the fact that we’re into autumn there are ways to maintain exercise, not only by getting out to enjoy the beautiful colours that this season brings. If getting outside isn’t possible, make sure that life is not spent in that arm chair – walking up and down stairs, or around the house, at least once an hour. Even making the bed, house work and mowing the lawn are good exercises to undertake. If you are sitting for long periods of time, then try to keep legs elevated and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and maintain a healthy diet. Keep up the intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, fish and lean meat – keep the hands off the biscuits and chocolate!

In the meantime should you have any concerns then the great team of nurses at Tyntesfield Medical Group continue to provide outstanding care and are only a phone call away.