18’s to 30’s

20s30s-logo-oct-16The 18s to 30s network exists to help Christians in this age-range meet, build friendships and create a sense of community in a church that is growing ever larger.

Our 18s to 30s ministry is overseen by Kev & Kim Magner (details at the foot of this page) but we really encourage everyone to take part in suggesting and organising events.

However you choose to connect with us we really encourage everyone to get involved to meet, build friendships and grow in faith.



18-30’s Small Group

What is it?

A weekly small group gathering. Providing an opportunity to share food together, study the bible, pray, worship and chat.

When and Where?

Every Wednesday. Contact Kev for timings and venue!


For more information contact:

Kev Magner

e-mail: kevin.magner@htnailsea.org.uk