Explore Together is the name given to a service other churches might call their All Age Service and it is our way to give families, old and new, a way to spend time together at church. There are no kids groups, no long sermons and it is all wrapped up in under an hour. We hope it’s a fresh and enjoyable to explore more of God all together!

We want to make one thing clear to those thinking of attending this service: you will most likely be asked to participate. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to stand up or come out to the front. However we may ask you to discuss a particular question with those you came with, or take part in a craft activity where you’re sat. It’s our way of recognising that every member of the church has something important to contribute to our time together on a Sunday.

When does it take place? Every 1st Sunday of the month in the 10.45am service slot. It lasts no more than an hour.


Our recent Explore Together took place outside for the first time. We were looking at the Parable of the Midnight friend and how God is looking for disciples who are bold and persistent in prayer. We wrote our own Lord’s prayer responses, sang songs and even had time for breakfast beforehand.