Latest update 1.4.20

Dear church family

This is a hard time for all of us, but it is a very hard time for some people in particular.  Last week, the NAILSEA FOODBANK gave out 92 bags of food in just one day, and their cupboards are running very low.  If you are in a position to donate to the Foodbank, they would be delighted to receive any tins, jars or cereals.  They can be delivered direct to Southfield Church on Fridays between 11am-12noon, or from Monday to Thursday (between 9am-12noon) to 65 High Street.  (Please note that donations to the boxes placed in supermarkets go to the Clevedon foodbank.  Their need is great too, but if you want it distributed in Nailsea then take it to one of the places listed above.)

Of course if you yourself are in any need (e.g. need help with shopping, prescriptions, etc…), please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the church office (853227 or as there are people who would love to help.  And please remember all those going through hard times in your prayers.



Latest update 25.3.20

Dear friends

Following on from the Prime Minister’s speech on Monday, the Bishop of Bath and Wells has declared that all church buildings are to be closed until further notice.  For us this includes the whole site – including the Trinity Centre, Trinity House and the Trinity Garden.  It’s a sad but necessary step, so please do not come on to the site for any reason.

The good news is that although the church is closed, the true church (God’s people) are still very active!  It’s wonderful to hear about shopping being delivered, people keeping in touch over the phone, and people spending time in prayer.  Let’s keep near to the Lord, even though we can’t go near to the building!



Latest update 20.3.20

Dear Church Family

We are living in very strange times.  It’s comforting to know that our heavenly Father hasn’t been taken by surprise by all this, and that he’s with us through all the ups and downs that we will experience.

First some headlines, then some information about how Holy Trinity is trying to respond with care at this time.  The headlines:

  • All public worship is suspended as directed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, so please don’t come to the church building on Sunday. BUT on Saturday we hope to send you a link via email that will allow you to access a video from me, so that you can still engage in an act of worship at a time of your choosing on Sunday.
  • All midweek activities have also been stopped until further notice – even those that don’t meet in the church building. And most of the church site will be closed – if you urgently need to contact the office please phone and don’t come here unless absolutely necessary.
  • The church building will remain open during weekday mornings (9am-1pm) for private prayer, but please keep a distance from others who are coming to do the same.
  • The church office will hopefully remain functioning as much as is possible. They are truly wonderful, but are also under strain (especially now schools are shutting).  So please pray for them and only contact them when appropriate.

So what can be done at a time like this?

  • We are determined that none of our church family should find themselves without support at this time. So if you are self-isolating, vulnerable or just unable to get out then please contact the church office (853227 / and we will make sure that a team of ‘young’ volunteers help – whether you need food supplies, prescriptions, or whatever.  I will be devastated to hear if anyone has suffered when we could have helped, so PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask.  This also applies if you know of a non-church member in need – we would be only too happy to help them too.  On that note, if there is anyone with excellent health and the capacity to help as part of this team then please let the office know.
  • Please join in with the day of prayer on Sunday (see attachment for ideas for prayer and the suggestion of lighting a candle in your window at 7pm). It is wonderful to think that Christians across our country will be united in prayer on this day. Click here for more information.
  • Prayer is powerful, so we are setting up a prayer initiative. We are aware that there are many needs and anxieties that we want to bring before our heavenly Father.  Watch this space for more information about this next week.
  • You might want to listen out for the Archbishop of Canterbury – apparently he’s leading a service on BBC Radio 4 at 8:10am on Sunday morning.
  • Where possible make a contribution to the foodbank to help those who will be hit the hardest. There are often collection boxes in supermarkets, or you could deliver direct to Southfield Church, Southfield Close, BS48 1SB on Fridays between 12-2:30pm.  Apparently 65 High Street are also collecting for the foodbank.
  • Check in with other church folk you know. It seems a large number of church members haven’t opened my last email, and so may not get this one either, and will miss the Sunday worship email too.  It’s possible they will try and turn up on Sunday!  If you discover that anyone hasn’t had these emails, please encourage them to email: so that we can add them to the database.  Thank you.

Yours as part of Christ’s global and eternal family