Lockdown Prayer Event

4 and 5 march 2021


As a church we want to pray for wisdom and guidance as this social and economic recovery begins so that we might be ready to respond to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. And since this new beginning for the country also coincides with the season of Lent we would also like to use this event as a opportunity to pray for a spiritual new beginning in our own relationship with God.

Sign Up

So as before we are inviting as many people as possible to sign up to a 30 minute prayer slot on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 March, sometime between 7am and 9pm, to create a continuous wave of prayer throughout the two days.

We would love you to be part of this initiative. It’s so easy to be involved, and you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own home. Ideas and resources for prayer are listed below. You can pray as an individual. Or you can pray as a family and get the children involved. If you’re a member of a small group or a social fellowship group at church, why not get all group members to commit to praying a slot together?

To participate all you need to do is to sign up to a prayer slot via the Lockdown Prayer Doodle poll. Click on this link here to take you to the poll, then click on the + Participant button. Type in your name, select your preferred prayer time slot (scroll right to see every available slot), then press the green ‘Send’ button underneath. It’s that simple! You can sign up for as many slots as you like – it’s absolutely fine to do more than one. And it’s no problem at all if the same slot is taken by more than one person.

If you know of someone who would like to participate but does not have a computer please do ask them to contact the church office (853227)  so we can add them to the poll.

Prayer resources

Specific prayer points which you might find helpful are in this printable sheet, but you may well think of more! Prayer points

Charlotte has done a video about prayer requests from our children.

And Kev has done a video about prayer requests from our Young People,


The Church of England has issued some prayer resources for the pandemic:

Prayers for the nation

Personal prayers

Tearfund has also provided a Prayer Guide on its website here.

Open Doors offers a prayer diary for the persecuted church here (scroll down to Get Involved) here.

Resources for Lent can be found on our website here.

You may also find these Lenten prayers from the web helpful. Lenten Lockdown Prayer Resources

Prayer Wall

Finally you may wish to make use of our Prayer Wall here. Please do feel free to add your own prayers to the wall while you are there.