Take one field, a cook, some adults, a load of young people, some dodgy tents and a big Greek guy. What do you get? Soul Survivor!!!!! A yearly festival that takes place outside Shepton Mallet for five days with one purpose: to connect young people with their Saviour, Jesus. For more info on this festival and how to join us there, click here.

When you give time to God, he gives time to you.”

Amazing words said by a young person many years ago and how right they are. Sometimes we need to actively take ourselves away with the specific purpose of tapping into God and getting ourselves aligned once more with who he is and what he wants our lives to look like. I can certainly say that God turned up this year, in a big way!

We were a group of 23 (including leaders) made up of youth groups from Holy Trinity Church and the Baptist Church, Nailsea and the sense of growing community was clear. Whether it was our young people wandering off to pray for random strangers during the main meetings or letting go in worship, our young people (many of whom were at the festival for the first time) dived right in! As the week progressed so did the conversations and opportunities to speak into young lives.

We had two of our group give their lives to Christ which was amazing to experience and a privilege to watch. We said goodbye to the Baptist Youth Worker, Emily Twigg, who has left her post and continues to search for what is next. She is in our prayers…

A big thanks to leaders: Vicki Kitchker, Nei Wylie, Abigail Tallamy, Dan Tallamy, Jon Coysh, Emily Twigg, Theresa Coy and Karina Mann. We can’t do this without them. Do continue to pray for our young people as they head back into another year of education (for most), but for all new beginnings and an opportunity for them to lean on their Father in heaven. We pray they do so and inspire us further as they do. Why not ask a young person if they were there and how they found it? They may surprise you with their answer 🙂


Josh Howard