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In the summer of 2016 the young people of Holy Trinity embarked on another amazing journey to the marshlands of Shepton Mallet for another incredible week at Soul Survivor. This year saw Jon Coysh, Neil Wylie and Vicki Kitchker take a group of 12 incredible young people on a life-changing journey of worship, teaching, fun, food and more fun. We joined 7,000 other young people in a very big tent in a dreary Somerset field for a wild and noisy time loudly singing songs of worship, celebrating Jesus, learning from a fairly large Greek man, and having loads of fun around the festival showground.

Every single person who joined us met with God and came back challenged and changed. The saying”The Lord moves in mysterious ways” could not be more true here. Whoever believed that sitting in a field, eating bangers & mash whilst having a water fight could be the moment that God changes a young persons life forever.

Do continue to pray for our young people as they head back into another year of education (for most), but for all new beginnings and an opportunity for them to lean on their Father in heaven. We pray they do so and inspire us further as they do. Why not ask a young person if they were there and how they found it?

A special thank you goes to Neil Wylie and Vicki Kitchker who accompanied us a leaders, giving up so much of their time and effort, especially to Vicki for organising our wonderful food.

Check out the video below to see the highlights of the event along with some of our favourite pictures from the group.



Jon Coysh