stand by me

The children experienced an exciting and joyful Christmas. They attended church, received a new pair of shoes from Stand by Me’s Shoe Appeal and thanks to their sponsors, received letters and gifts that made them feel very loved and special. It was a very happy time for the family to celebrate the amazing gift of Christ to the world and as a Christian home, the family took the opportunity to share this message through outreach activities. On the evenings of 21st and 22nd December, the family at the Shan State Children’s Village went carol singing to their neighbours’ houses. They also brought small gifts to each neighbour to share God’s love. On the 23rd December they invited their local neighbours to come to the village for a special dinner where they cooked them a meal and shared with them the reason why they celebrate Christmas and about Jesus Christ.

Firstly, praise God for giving us you to support our home. By your help all the kids are educated at high quality school and also eat good delicious food every day. We can see their happiness on their smiling faces Everyday they are learning new things at home and also at school. Thank you very much for your great support, love, care and prayer to all the children. God bless you more and more Holy Trinity Nailsea Church and thank you so much for your strong support by prayer, encouragement and effort. We pray for Holy Trinity Church members. God bless you all.

If you would like to find out more, please visit Reg charity no 1045430