sunday Kids

Sunday Kids is during our 1045 gathering. This is our celebration for all ages and as part of that we run two different age-specific groups for children. These are First Steps (0-4 years old) and Sunday Kids (4-11 years old).

In First Steps we aim to show your child the love of Jesus. Each week we will explore an age appropriate telling of an event from Bible times or a short story about an important part of our faith. Your child can then explore what we are learning about further through a creative activity and discussion if they wish to. We have many toys available at the same time and dedicate ourselves to ensuring your child has a great time in a loving and caring environment. We also have a prayer tent which your child can retreat to if they wish. When you collect your child we will give you a summary of how they’ve been and what we’ve explored today so you can follow it up through discussion, prayer and Bible Study at home.

We treat your child as a unique child of God and get to know them as an individual catering for their personal needs and interests. We encourage all the children to develop the fruits of The Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control) praising them for sharing and showing kindness to their friends.

We take safeguarding very seriously. All of the First Steps team are DBS checked and we have a sign in and out system for the children.

Sunday Kids is a place on a Sunday morning where children between the ages of 6 and 11 can explore faith together.

We have far too much fun playing games, reading stories, praying, acting, eating and spending time in friendship.We love learning about God and are really into spending time exploring stories in the many different Bibles we all have. We have a lovely space in the ‘Garden Room’ where we go after spending time with the adults in church.

We love linking up with the Sunday Youth and the First Steps group too. It is good to have older friends keeping an eye on us, both in church and at school as we move up.



On the first Sunday of each month, everybody joins together for our Worship for Everyone gathering and we have no children’s groups. The aim is to create unity within our church and provide something for everybody, allowing us all to enjoy church together. Worship for Everyone is on the first Sunday of every month.

Please come and join us at 10.45am on Sundays.

If you want to know more contact our Children and Families Worker – Charlotte

Charlotte Crooks