Sunday Youth

Sunday Youth forms part of Holy Trinity’s 10:45 Sunday Morning service. After spending the first 15-20 minutes in the service with everyone else, the young people will then be given the opportunity to join us at Sunday Youth and spend the rest of the morning exploring the Christian Faith in their own setting, specifically aimed toward them.

Sunday Youth is always a fun and engaging time as we spend time looking at God’s Word, real life issues and current affairs in an age appropriate way for teenagers. Often with food, always with skilled and passionate leaders Kev & Ben and always in the Youth Space in Trinity House.

If you are interested then come to the 10.45am service as normal and then you’ll be told when to head out. Come and make it even better than it already is…

Where do we meet: Youth Space at Trinity House (next to Holy Trinity Church)

What time: 10:45am until 12:00pm

What day: Sunday Mornings

Group Leaders: Ben Hooper & David Markland