Tales of the Unexpected

Everyone likes a good story, especially when there’s a surprise at the end.

Jesus is famous for the stories he told. And many people still read and listen to his words today. Why? — because Jesus’ words seem to understand us and explain us. And they open up the way for us to know God.

In Tales of the Unexpected you’ll find four simple but startling stories that Jesus told. You’ll find some surprising things about yourself, about God and about life.

Using a modern, easy-to-understand translation of the Bible, and the accompanying DVD, this straightforward guide will help you understand who Jesus is, why he came, and the difference he can make for people today.

WHEN?        EVENINGS (7.30pm-9.15pm) or DAYTIME (1.45pm-3pm) Wednesdays 5,12,19 & 26 February

WHERE?     The Trinity Centre, Holy Trinity Church

WHAT?        At each of the four sessions we’ll take a look at a surprising story that Jesus told.  There will be DVD input and time for questions / discussion. Refreshments provided.

WHO? Absolutely anyone is welcome – no prior knowledge is needed.

WHY? Why not? You’ll learn more about the most famous man who ever lived, and might even find your life transformed by his teaching. Understand who Jesus is, why he came and the difference he can make for people today.

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