Christians in Nailsea work together to try and provide some support and relief to the homeless just up the road in Bristol, through a weekly ‘Breakfast Run’.

Members of the Holy Trinity team get up at the crack of dawn once a month on Sundays to take a hot breakfast and drink to those who are sleeping on the streets. They also take clothes, particularly socks and underwear when possible. There is no cost for the food or clothing, and it doesn’t matter whether the recipients are of any faith or none at all. They are always very grateful to receive hot food and drinks, and fresh bread or cakes and clean, warm clothing.

There is a rota for the monthly Run and below are some jobs you can help out with if you’d like to get involved:

– cooking and preparing hot dogs, hot drinks and cheese sandwiches at home on Saturday evening/Sunday morning

– taking food and clothing to give out to the homeless, near Bristol bus station on Sunday at 8 am

– collecting surplus food from Tesco in Nailsea on Saturday evening and taking it to give out in Bristol at 8am Sunday

– driving your car to pick up other volunteers to do the Run on Sunday

– contributing clothing, sleeping bags etc.


If you’re interested please contact the church office team