The book of Peter tells us to use whatever gifts we have received to serve others. A great way to connect with the life of the church is to help us out in some way. There are so many things that need doing, some you wouldn’t even guess!

Without volunteers we don’t get much done.  Whether you’re an up front person or like to stay behind the scenes, with hours to spare or just occasional availability, there will be something for you to get involved with.

Opportunities include:

Catering Whether it’s serving in the coffee shop, baking, or cooking meals for events like the marriage course or Alpha, we would love your help.

Sunday services You could help welcome people to the church, serve drinks after the service, or get involved with the service itself, doing the reading, leading prayers or getting involved in the worship group or sound desk.

Transport Lots of people rely on lifts to get to services and events, especially the midweek service and Pop In, both of which take place on Thursdays. If you could offer transport, please ask the office to put you in touch with Mike or Debbie.

Families, Children and Youth work We have a range of activities throughout the week If you could help with children and families work, email the Office Team, who will be able to put you in touch with the right person.

Mid week welcomers We have a dedicated team who volunteer 9.30am-1pm Monday to Friday, willing to welcome visitors. If you could spare a morning once a month or so, please let the office know.

Gardening and maintenance If you’re a hands on person, then let us know and we’ll put your skills to good use.

If any of the opportunities above appeal to you, contact the Office Team for more info.