We offer our condolences if you find it necessary to arrange a funeral. We have good relationships with all the local undertakers and they are aware of how we do things. We strongly encourage you to be in touch with them in the first instance to make arrangements and discuss costs.

Once the date and time are fixed one of our clergy, or Licensed Readers, will be in touch to pray with you, talk about the funeral and the person who has died, and offer support.

If you wish to use Trinity House or the Trinity Centre for refreshments after a funeral service please make a booking through the Church Office.

The graveyard is not yet closed but it is very full and there are limited options for new graves. There is a small Garden of Remembrance in the churchyard where ashes can be interred.

Do chat to one of the clergy if you would like to know more. You can find their contact details by clicking on their image below.

Rector: Jolyon Trickey
Associate Vicar: Steve Tilley